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  1. John Biggs and Catherine Tang
    4. ed.. - Maidenhead [u.a.]: Open Univ. Press, 2011
    Monograph, Printed Resource
  2. John Biggs
    2. ed., reprinted. - Maidenhead: Open University Press, 2003
    Monograph, Printed Resource
  3. ed. by David Boud ..
    Repr.. - Ballmoor, Buckingham [u.a.]: Soc. for Research into Higher Education & Open Univ. Press, 2002
    Edited collection, Printed Resource
  4. Chris Duke
    Buckingham [u.a.]: Open University Press, 2002
    Monograph, Printed Resource
  5. Sara Delamont, Paul Atkinson and Odette Parry
    Reprinted. - Buckingham [u.a.]: Open Univ. Press, 2001
    Monograph, Printed Resource
  6. ed. by Norman Jackson ..
    Buckingham [u.a.]: Open University Press, 2000
    Edited collection, Printed Resource
  7. edited by Tom Bourner ..
    Buckingham [[u.a.]: Society for Research into Higher Education [u.a.], 2000
    Edited collection, Printed Resource
  8. [The Society for Research into Higher Education]. Ed. by Jenny Williams
    Buckingham [u.a.]: Open University Press, 1997
    Edited collection, Printed Resource
  9. Peter Scott
    Buckingham [u.a.]: Open University Press, 1995
    Monograph, Printed Resource

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